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The Decision to Investigate & File Bankruptcy in South Carolina

The decision to file bankruptcy is certainly not an easy one. As an attorney who has represented hundreds of bankruptcy clients in my 25+ years of practicing law I have guided many families and business owners through the initial decision and ultimately the bankruptcy process itself. But it all starts with a Free Consultation to learn your rights, which I provide 7 days a week at no charge. I encourage my clients to tell me the full background of their financial problems, because in addition to providing financial relief I also try to help clients move past the emotional distress caused by mounting debt. I so often hear a wide range of emotion during an initial consultation; denial, anger, guilt, failure, fear, religious stricture and so many others, but most often fear of the unknown involving the process of bankruptcy itself is what they all have in common. Together we work through and arrive at a decision that is right for that client. Most of the time the answer is that bankruptcy will provide a fresh start free from past debt, but sometimes it’s not the right answer and I will tell you when it’s not the right course to take and recommend any better options. We all share a right under the law to financially start over using the bankruptcy laws of the United States of America if we qualify. My job is to provide you with the facts in a Free Consultation. My clients are good and decent people who have been effected by the down turn in the economy, loss of income, medical catastrophe, divorce, the rising cost of living, being taken advantage of by creditors, and other set-backs which result in mounting debt and no way out. I will help you to protect your assets and assure that you and your families will be financially secure going forward. The decision process of clients to file bankruptcy is often clouded by conflicting emotion: false feelings of optimism, pangs of guilt, religious conviction that bankruptcy is morally wrong. The decision to declare bankruptcy is certainly not an easy one, but deciding to make a phone call to discuss how it works and whether bankruptcy is an option for you should not be a difficult one.

To learn more about the fundamentals of bankruptcy call David Stone, Esq. and the South Carolina Bankruptcy Network right now, 7 days a week, for a FREE consultation and also visit our website.

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