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Bankruptcy is a Shield & a Sword

Bankruptcy is both a shield and a sword! Used correctly by an experienced attorney, Bankruptcy can help you start over free from debt, or restructure debt so that you can keep your home or car with more affordable payments over a revised term of the loan. We are highly experienced lawyers who serve Bankruptcy clients in South Carolina and New York. We can stop harassing phone calls to your home and office, prevent bill collectors and creditors from starting or continuing to sue you, and even prevent the county Sheriff from attempting to collect on overdue debts. Bankruptcy can help you deal with credit cards, bank and personal loans, past judgments, medical bills, back taxes, student loans, overdue mortgages and all other forms of secured and unsecured debt. We offer a free consultation and are here to give you information. We serve residents of Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, Beaufort, Charleston, North Charleston, Daniels Island, Johns Island, James Island, Mount Pleasant and the surrounding communities of South Carolina & the low county. The decision to take your life back and use the lawful protections afforded to you in bankruptcy is not an easy one, but choosing to learn from a bankruptcy lawyer with 25+ years of experience who has successfully handled hundreds of bankruptcy cases is. A FREE CONSULTATION is available to you right now, 7 days a week, days, evenings and weekends.

To learn more about the fundamentals of bankruptcy call David Stone, Esq. and the South Carolina Bankruptcy Network right now, 7 days a week, for a FREE consultation and also visit our website.

– See more at: We always provide a FREE consultation so you may learn your rights. Call right now: (843)422-9414.

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