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David did an incredible job with my case. He helped get my life back in order quickly and professionally. He has a firm handle on the laws. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a great lawyer who will represent them to the fullest and go to great lengths to represent their client.


David Stone has given me the best possible advice when dealing with a personal bankruptcy. His good advice and wonderful ‘bedside’ manner helped me get through the process is a way that was manageable during a very difficult time. He knows his way around the system and can easily navigate even the most complicated scenario. I give him my highest recommendation.


I hire David after speaking with him on the phone. When I told him it was hard for me to get off during the day he said that would be no problem we could do it all on Skype. He was right and that is how we completed all of the paperwork. He explained everything in great detail. I could call him any time and he would answer the phone and answer my questions. David is the best lawyer I have worked with. I was really nervous and did not want to file but I had no other option. He was able to calm my nerves and let me know that bad things happen to good people. Thank you David for all the help.


Over the last 15 years David has taken on some very difficult cases on my behalf. He is the quintessential club fighter, always finding a way to further my interest and find the desirable conclusion. He has been our corporate and personnel attorney for many years and we continue to use his services.